Your Visit to Mission Kids

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Mission Kids is a 501 c 3 non-profit organization that coordinates child abuse investigations and provides appropriate referrals to victims and their non-offending family members.

Before the Interview: What Should I Tell My Child?

  • Give your child enough notice so he/she doesn’t feel the appointment is a surprise, but don’t give him/her too long a period to worry about it. Usually a day or two is enough time.
  • Tell your child he/she will be meeting with a person who a specialist in talking to children about difficult things and whose job it is to help protect children.
  • Give your child permission to talk to the interviewer; i.e., “It’s OK to tell the interviewer what you told me (or whomever they told) happened to you.”
  • Say that you want him/her to answer all the questions the best they can and to tell the truth.
  • Reassure your child that he/she has not done anything wrong, and that you love and support him/her very much

Can I watch my child's Mission Kids interview?

  • Only professionals who are directly involved in the investigation are allowed to watch the interview. After the interview you will get the opportunity to speak with those professionals. They can help to answer any questions you may have.

How long does a Mission Kids interview take?

  • There is no one answer to this question. The amount of time the interview takes will depend on your child. Each Mission Kids interview is unique so the lengths of time will vary.

Who will be speaking to my child?

  • At Mission Kids, your child will be speaking with a specially trained Forensic Interviewer. They are trained to talk to kids in an open-ended, age appropriate way. It is their job to talk to children and keep them safe.

What happens when we arrive?

  • You will be asked to have a seat in the child- friendly waiting room that contains toys, books, a TV, and a computer with child appropriate programming. The interviewer will come to the waiting room and introduce herself to your child. Shortly after, the same interviewer will return to bring your child back to the interview room. You must remain with your child at all times in the waiting area, and must remain at Mission Kids while your child is being interviewed. If you need to bring other children who are not being interviewed, they must be under your supervision at all times. You may not discuss your case in the waiting room with anyone, including Mission Kids staff and volunteers.


What services are available to families of children coming to Mission Kids?

  • During your child’s interview, our family advocate will take time to speak with you in more detail about your time at Mission Kids and will help to guide you through the entire process. The Mission Kids Family Advocate is there to provide you with support and connect you with various services including referrals for specialized medical exams and counseling.
  • After you leave Mission Kids, our Family Advocate is available to follow up with you through the healing process and provide additional support, information, and referral services, victim’s compensation assistance, court support, and other assistance as needed.

After the Interview:

  • When the interview is over, the interviewer will return your child to you in the waiting room. You will have an opportunity to talk to a member of the investigative team. You can ask questions and raise any concerns. Mission Kids may make medical or therapeutic referrals. 


For additional questions, please see our Mission Kids Family Information pamphlet attached below. This pamphlet may be beneficial for care givers to review prior to a Mission Kids interview.


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